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  1. A Child becomes a Refugee
    02 Aug, 2017
    A Child becomes a Refugee
    * You may wonder why I keep writing about the brutality of the crisis for the South Sudanese Refugees. I do it, because we tend to hear these stories, but forget about them in the chaos of our own daily lives. When I met the refugees, I promised to tell their stories and help bring them more aid. They don't want a handout, they just want help getting their lives, that were completely upturned, back in order. They don't want to be forgotten. They matter. Statistics say that 86% of South Sudanese
  2. Red Broken Flip Flops
    28 Oct, 2017
    Red Broken Flip Flops
    I met a girl on a day not too long ago.  Small for her age, red broken flip flops worn on the wrong feet. Where have those flip flops taken you little one? What obstacles have you stumbled over in them? She wore a dotted pattern skirt, decorated with yellow circles; obviously homemade from a woman's dress. Perhaps her mother painstakingly made it, stitch by stitch; hoping to bring a little beauty into her baby girl's life. The skirt looked adult like. A moment a little girl meets womanhood in
  3. The Footsteps of Young Refugees
    21 Aug, 2017
    The Footsteps of Young Refugees
    As a volunteer visiting a refugee settlement in Northern Uganda, for the first time, I learn things the news headlines don't talk about back home. Hearing the stories of brutality and trauma are an eye-opening experience, into how much suffering the human body can withstand. Many of these people are children who have witnessed what no child, no person, should ever witness. Rape, torture, bullets tearing through flesh, bombs obliterating life, and soldiers murdering the families of these innocent
  4. South Sudanese Refugees Wait
    17 Jul, 2017
    South Sudanese Refugees Wait
    Imvepi Refugee Camp, Northern Uganda. Opened in February 2017. Population: 120,000 He wanders around the red soil, dragging his feet and observing life in the camp. His hand touches his head often, like he is deep in thought. Eyes water, nose runs, and legs have sores that won't heal. He is a refugee. He is a refugee child. Wise beyond his years, he waits with the rest of the camp for life to move. He waits for food, clean water, medicine, opportunity, hope, movement. They wait.   Dreaming
  5. Walking Uphill into a Storm
    01 Jul, 2017
    Walking Uphill into a Storm
    You can hear gunfire throughout the night, living on adrenaline has become your normal. Will they come for you in the night or the day? Will they arrest you or slaughter you in front of your family? Will they kill your family? How much can be taken from you until you give up your soul? This is the reality for those from South Sudan. Throughout our lives we face challenges that we think will end us; but eventually we hear of someone else's fight and we are humbled. Such is the story of James